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c4 Oct 28, 2008
There isn't really any place for me to write anymore, besides on paper, that will be very private, or that will be very gratifying, and I'm not sure I remember how to pick up a pencil but I won't apologize either because everyone needs to get things out sometimes, and I might work here but I'm a people too, and though this isn't and shouldn't be made into a public issue, I'm posting it here because I basically have nowhere else to go.
-end disclaimer-
But um...don't read this. Seriously.

The Most Overlooked, and BY FAR The Best Bowie Cover/Halloween Song/Video EVAR.

c4 Oct 25, 2008

Bold claims? Psht! You obviously haven't seen it:

now that we're all up to speed - go add it to your music players, children, and prepare to become as obsessed with Peter Murphy as I was when I was 16. If you aren't already.

Weekend Playlist: Chicago

c4 Oct 24, 2008

I Have A Crush On Mark Lanegan

c4 Oct 22, 2008
Not that you care/know who he is/are even interested. Nevertheless, it's true. I do. Listen...

Gerard Way: Scream 2008 Round-Up

c4 Oct 21, 2008
The Spike TV Scream Awards broadcast has come and gone, and so has the liveblog - so I figured I should probably give you a run down of the "real" Gerard Way news from the red carpet and beyond. Note: this is not about zombies or hair color.Click here to see what it IS about

Kerli = Bjork + Britney + Heart Shaped Box (and her Scream Awards performance totally rocked.)

c4 Oct 21, 2008
Up-and-coming Estonian pop-star Kerli performed her (soon-to-be-massive) hit song, "Walking On Air," in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 18th for the taping of Spike TV's 2008 Scream Awards. This little gothic Lolita provides us with a much-needed new blend of goth-infused trip-hop that tickles the spine and sends oxygen rushing to the brain - and she's cute as a little button! What did you think about her performance?

Scream Awards 2008: Smashing Pumpkins, Twilight World Premiere, And How I Got Kicked Out

c4 Oct 20, 2008
So if we told you a gaggle of gorgeous movie stars, rock legends, scary monsters and superfreaks were all squeezed together in one party the other night in Hollywood, you’d be like, um, what else is new, right? We get it, but this was different — for one thing, it’s going to be on TV; and for another, Gerard Way showed up to speak from inside a space pod. There's more...

EXCLUSIVE: Gerard Way on Zombies and Hair Color at the 2008 Scream Awards

c4 Oct 19, 2008
Many of you have already seen photos of My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way on the red carpet at last night's Scream Awards. I've heard several reactions that all seem to say that fans are pretty shocked at his hair (it's not pink anymore!) and by his "ugly" shoes (brown, knee-high round-toed boots). Well stop freaking out because I was there, I had a camera, I took pictures of him, and I asked Gerard a couple questions on your behalf.

Hey, Hey, You, You, I’m Still Married to My Boyfriend: Avril Lavigne Stays Solid

c4 Oct 15, 2008
It’s been a royally whacked-out couple of months for a certain mf’ing princess. First, Avril canceled a batch of dates on her Best Damned Thing headline tour, and instead opted to open for Disney phenom the Jonas Brothers and American Idol phenom Chris Daughtry. And in case that wasn’t enough, she recently found herself battling tabloid reports about the supposed implosion of her marriage! Drag, right? Sometimes not even a sale at Kohl’s can make things better. But things get better...

Peanuts Reunion - Family Guy

c4 Sep 02, 2008
I tried to add this as a video and it didn't work. I think it's the fucking funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. Um also a little bit sad, but for the most part totally hilarious.

hulu and buzznet don't work together right now i guess. here's a much shabbier version:

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