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Community Round Up: The Maine's Record Release Party

c4 Jul 17, 2008
You've undoubtedly heard all about who showed up at the Knitting Factory last night to celebrate the release of The Maine's new record (droppin' names - Pete Wentz, Paris Hilton, Jeffree Star, me!) In case you didn't get your hands on the hottest ticket in Hollywood - you can live vicariously through The Maine's CD Release Party right here on Buzznet.  Details please ...

Oh the places I've been...

c4 Jun 28, 2008
So I have moved like 13 times in the past 6 years. Never very far, but like

once to college dorms, from seal beach to westwood.
then to a boys house, from westwood to fullerton:

then with the boy to los angeles
then away from the boy to culver city
then from culver city to mac arthur park. thiswas the view:

then from mac arthur park back to my mom's house in cypress.
then from cypress to north hollywood... and the black widow problem...
then from northhollywood to the booby trap in long beach:

this was my room:

but people did bad things there. not me. i don't do drugs.
so i moved away from the bad things to down the street from the bad things. i got to clean up after a bunch of boys:

then i got broke so i moved back to orange county. current status:

today im supposed to move to los feliz and go see combichrist at the avalon in hollywood. but but but! somewhere in the mix i totalled my car and let a blonde mohawk borrow my bed, which was supposed to be waiting for me in lakewood (he did bad things and somehow got me to give him stuff, like my bed, since he didn't have one and i had an extra one, when i was moving back to orange county...) he looked like this:

and this:

and yes, that is brad renfro with him. like i said: bad things. anyway, my point is that my bed is gone and i don't get to take the one i've been using. he took it to some girl's house after he made me total my car, and before he moved back to chicago. i got another car. it works sometimes. but not today. no more christopher. no more bed. no more combichrist.

happy birthday to me (next week).

BlackBerry Assistance Plz!

c4 Jun 05, 2008
Fricken ay, man. I paid 300 dollars for this stupid phone and all i get is junk mail, duplicate mail, and the inability to sync, like, ANYTHING. And now I think I'm losing REAL email, too. Anybody wanna teach me how to use this piece of crap tomorrow?!?!?!


tomcat makes orphan laugh. let him make you laugh, too.

c4 May 31, 2008
this post is from january 28th on another blog. i am only posting it here today cause a. i found it b. it still made me laugh and c. i've got mohawks on the brain. original text is as follows:

"I'm sorry dudes, but I really just needed a laugh. See, my rental car got towed, my mom got pissed, my mohawk-sporting sort of boyfriend was like, 4 timing me (for the 4th time) but it's all good cause it was my fault for falling for his bullshit again... anyway, that's not the point. The point is that if you happen to make the uninformed decision that I did a few months ago (dating dudes with mohawks is a bad idea), or the informed one I made a couple months later (dating dudes with mohawks is still a bad idea), or the even more informed one I made a few months after that (you should never date dudes that have mohawks), look to this to dry your tears (or at least to turn 'em into the kind you get from laughing too hard):

Let's keep in mind that I don't care about Tom Cruise in the tabloids (I meaning C4 and Orphan Records--we don't care...) and I don't care about the whole Scientology thing. What I do care about is when shits funny. And this shits funny. You should watch it. Because even if it doesn't cheer you up, it will most definitely make you smile. And if you look at it often enough, you'll be smiling more than you're not smiling, which means it will have cheered you up. See how that goes?

This is the end of my Wonder Years episode post and I'm sorry I promise I'll never do it again. But at least I'm smilin' now.

Steer clear of the hawk,

Coolest thing EVARRRR!

c4 May 28, 2008
So  you know those little profile badges you get after you complete the first mission at the buzzmob? They're like, red, and they say MOB on 'em?


Well, they no longer direct people to the buzzmob graveyard. Now they send people here:


which is also where you should be sending new Buzzmob recruits.

Anybody who has signed up at the other Buzzmob site since April 1st will not receive credit for points earned. There isn't really any way you could've earned a ton of points since there hasn't been a mission on that site for quite some time. So stop what you're doing if you're on the other site, it's a waste of time!

Instead, visit http://www.buzznet.com/groups/buzzmob

and get crackin' on THOSE missions, cause there are tons, and I've already started sending out prizes. Don't believe me? Ask ounceofwentz, tiffanyterror, alcy, thraseia, and goldengirl.

Also, for those of you who were members of the old Buzzmob when it was active, please check the NEW Buzzmob forum for instructions on how to redeem your points. And stop recruiting to the old site before I lop off your cyber heads!

So What's the hold up?

c4 May 20, 2008

This is the hold up:

I need someone to help prepare for another BUZZMOB mission (sorry, but the "someone" must be limited buzzmob members ONLY...) The task involves a tiny bit of research, but probably in the forum topic for mission #1 only. If you have about an hour or so to spare & you want a free CD (or something) please IM me, or send me an email.

AIM: aeolusFOUR
Yahoo: kindofadraag
MSN: cstern@buzznet.com
ICQ 481106619
GTalk: c4@fantasticweapon.com

Hot Chip's "Triathalon" and A Chance To Win 2 Round Trip Tickets to NYC

c4 Mar 21, 2008
Assuming some of you don't know: Hot Chip are those British electro kids that brought you that poppin little dance track, called 'Ready for the Floor,' that came out back in January and has been remixed by everyone under the sun (to the point where some of you probably haven't even heard the original version. Fix that now:Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor[audio http://www.orphanrecords.org/hotfloor.mp3]Why it bears mentioning: I heard the song on the radio last night and realized how good it is--I even put it on a mix CD I made for a dude who listens mainly to metal. I TOTALLY love it. This morning I went to add it to my myspace profile, and what I found on Hot Chip's myspace page is quite frankly the best internet marketing campaign for an indie artist, ever. It was all aimed at promoting the album that was just released on February 12th, Made In The Dark. The major is now on a[n extremely well designed] Facebook App that hosts "The Hot Chip Triathalon." At midnight on March 31st, the winner of this trilogy of memory games will be whoever holds the highest score in the Facebook App. The prize: Click to View Original Post...

RADIOHEAD: In Rainbows SECURES ENTIRE Last.fm Top 10 for 5 Solid Weeks

c4 Nov 15, 2007
Since the unexpected & unconventional release of Radiohead's (best album to date) In Rainbows, the blogosphere has been abuzz with music industry news, rumors, and reviews. The most recent hype seen cruising through music & tech blogs alike is comScore's claim that the "name your price" guerilla marketing technique for the sudden release of In Rainbows, was
 ineffective. Radiohead argues that comScore's data couldn't possibly be accurate.

Ho hum.
So sick of Radiohead news.

I mean, I was.
At least until today.
While conducting top secret research on last.fm, I came across their overall (SITE-WIDE) charts section where I was bombarded by the following on-screen image :

What the hell is this shit? Is it seriously possible that the whole In Rainbows album could dominate the TOP 10 OVERALL TRACKS on last.fm? I've never seen anything like it. Out of the 123412343241 users and the 123414624735745645325 tracks scrobbled daily, EVERY TRACK ON THE ALBUM HAS PWNED EVERY TRACK IN THE UNIVERSE. It's like In Rainbows has moved into a rent controlled apartment overlooking Central Park, and it's n ew building is called "Hit Singles are for the Birds--Wait, Actually, They're for Everyone Except Us Cause Every Track on Our Album is a Hit Single and We Have the Data to Prove it."

Hats off to Radiohead.

Sparks say, "Auf wiedersehen!" to the beat!

c4 Nov 15, 2007
This video is epic. Don't know who Sparks are? Remember that movie Valley Girl from like 1983? Nicholas Cage played the sexy punk rock boy and the girl who played Dotty in Pee Wee's Big Adventure was the slutty best friend? Ok, good. So remember the part in the movie when that kid goes to this girl's house who has a crush on him, and you think he's going to return her book, but then they make it look like he's boning her mom in the shower, except it turns out that it's really the girl and not the mom? No? Well whatever, the point is that the song playing in the background during that scene is Sparks' 'Eaten By The Monster Of Love.'And it rules. They also have a song called 'Angst In My Pants,' and 'The Fanatic,' both of which also rule. Good stuff, I tell you.

Back to the matter at hand.
This is the video from the first track on their latest release, 'Lil Beethoven, which, to be honest, is not a spectacular record. But c'mon, seriously guys, how many musicians spend their entire CAREERS trying to make something sound as awesome as Sparks did with this ONE song?

About a bazillion.
And that's a fact.
Just frickin' watch it already.

ORPHAN REVIEW: Daft Punk's 'Electroma' Will Melt Your Face

c4 Nov 15, 2007
Dude, daft punk seriously pisses me off. I mean, just look at this fucking picture:

Will someone please tell me what the hell this is about? They swear like it’s ok to be this cool. You know that song from Grease 2 that Michelle Pfiefer sings, about how she wants a to date a bad ass--I think it’s called “cool rider”, right—ok well Electroma ascribes a whole new meaning to the letters she sings in the chorus (C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R). Not to mention that it’s ALSO the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. In fact, Daft Punk should really consider re-writing the book called “How To Be Cool”--I’d totally buy it.

Some highlights of the film are as follows:

  • THE SOUNDTRACK. It’s amazing. And get this: Daft Punk isn’t even on it. And seriously, these guys actually have really good taste in music.
  1. Curtis Mayfield – ‘Billy Jack’
  2. A Sei Voci Ensemble - ‘Miserere’
  3. Todd Rundgren – ‘International Feel’
  4. Brian Eno – ‘In Dark Trees’
  5. Linda Perhacs – ‘If You Were My Man’
  6. Jackson C. Frank – ‘Dialogue’
  7. Sebastian Tellier – ‘Universe’
  8. Haydn – ‘String Quartet in E Flat Major Op. 64, No. 6’
  9. Chopin – ‘No. 4 in E Minor [24 Preludes, Op.28]’

  • THE BURNING MAN SCENE. See for yourself:
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